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Face Down In Rising Sun


The debut novel by KD Allbaugh

Clara Olson was a small-town girl from rural Crawford County, Wisconsin who longed for more than the experiences of growing up on a farm in a large Norwegian family. She aspired to see the world and experience the thrills of the Roaring Twenties.

A fated meeting with a dashing young man promised just that. Erdman Olson led a fast-paced lifestyle in the underground world of speakeasies and bootlegging amidst the Prohibition era.

Erdman introduced a world of excitement that Clara craved, but little did she realize how it would change her life forever. What happened next would shock the world and leave her family searching for answers.

This is a fictional account inspired by a true story.

The author captured details of the time period along with the emotions of Clara’s love and life. Great reading this novel! 

True story telling at it's best. The book was hard to put down!

Amazing!! A captivating MUST READ. This book and mystery will stay with you. I can't wait for another book.

A deftly written account of the events surrounding Clara Olson's disappearance. A truly memorable read.

This debut novel by K.D. Allbaugh I am hoping is the first of many novels by this talented author. 

Add this book to your collection!

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Inspired by a true story

Review by Readers' Favorite, Susan Sewell

A young woman falls in love with a man of questionable character who alters her life in unimaginable ways in the stunning historical novel, Face Down In Rising Sun: A Missing Small Town Girl and the Crime That Shocked the World by KD Allbaugh. When Clara meets Erdman at the Box Social, she instantly falls in love with him. To the dismay of her younger sister and older brothers, Clara and Erdman start dating. When Erdman displays a sinister side to his character, her love for him overrides her concerns about his darker behavior, while her younger sister worries about her safety. One morning her family awakens to find that Clara has disappeared without a trace. After searching for her without any results, her family believes Erdman is responsible for her sudden disappearance. Did Clara leave of her own free will, as Erdman insists? Or did she fall prey to his darker side and he silenced her forever?

Set in the early twentieth century, Face Down In Rising Sun by KD Allbaugh is an extraordinary novel. It is captivating from the first page until the shocking last one. The author acquaints you with Clara and Erdman separately, so you understand both of their points of view. Intense and dramatic, the plot dramatizes the hardships of living with a mentally disturbed parent and how it affects everyone around them. Even though I sympathized with Erdman, I thought it tragic that he sullied the life of such a loving and gentle girl. As the story continued to unfold, and I got to know both Erdman and Clara better, the conflicts looming in their future had me on edge. Intense and heartrending, this phenomenal novel is so realistic that I had to check to make sure it was fiction. This poignant and sensational book will captivate everyone who enjoys stories with the elements of genuine characters, a dramatic plot, romance, and murder set in another era.